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Welcome to KIC Events

We are Kinky In Columbus

Kinky In Columbus is your home for sex positive kink parties and events in Columbus, Ohio.

We host monthly parties that combine education and fetish fun with a focus on community building. We also host weekend long intesives, New To Kink classes and munches, and showcase area vendors.

We believe strongly in building and maintaining a safe, informed, and healthy community. We are inclusive of all identities and lifestyles, and consent is the basis for everything we do. We offer education on a variety of topics, and offer experiential demonstrations of corporal play, electric play, and fire play.

Learn about who we are and what we do on our About page.

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Consent is the Foundation of Everything We Do

Consent is:

  1. Freely given.
  2. Revocable.
  3. Informed.
  4. Enthusiastic.
  5. Sober.